This gunfreak adds
•fixed ip address saying fe80 all the time (now it has your actual ip)
•sprinting animations
•fixed the "waiting to join" message staying there for player joins
•and maybe more!

Instructions: Click on the banner to head over to mediafire and download.
Extract file, and click GunfreakAE.exe
Type in a username (You can change this later) and hit enter.
If you want to host a game, click Host Game.
Tell your friend(s) the address.
If you want to join a game, click Join Game.
Type in their address and hit enter.
Then, you will select a character then after joining. Type 1, 2, 3, or 4 and hit enter.

WASD: Move
LMB: Shoot
RMB: Scope or ironsight
R: Reload
Space: Jump
Enter: Use
Q and E: Peek
Shift: Run
C: Crouch
1-9: Choose Weapons

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